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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Beijing yanshan hotel (Beijing Yanshan Hotel), L'hotel è situato a Zhongguancun High Tech Park a Pechino, noto come 'Silicon Valley of China', adiacente alla North Third Ring Road e a Zhongguancun Street. È possibile raggiungere la Stazione Universitaria di Renmin di Metro Line 4.Si può guidare da e per il palazzo estivo e Yuanmingyuan in pochi minuti; il centro commerciale moderno e il centro commerciale Shuangan sono vicini l'uno all'altro; molte università e istituti di ricerca scientific a come Renmin University, Peking University e Tsinghua University vi circondano.Nel mese di giugno 2017, in risposta all'invito della Commissione comunale del turismo di Pechino, l'hotel ha creato un hotel verde, promosso la conservazione dell'energia e la riduzione dei consumi, e sostenuto la protezione ambientale verde. Lavoriamo insieme per costruire un domani verde per Yanshan Hotel.
l'hotel ha tutti i tipi di camere confortevoli e di lusso. Alla fine del 2017, l'hotel ha migliorato in modo completo lo stato delle strutture e delle attrezzature. L'impianto di purificazione dell'aria è stato completamente installato in camere di blocco a per controllare efficacemente il danno di eccessiva PM2.5 al corpo e fornire un ambiente sano e confortevole per gli ospiti. Le sale business del blocco B sono state lanciate per fornire diverse scelte per gli ospiti e soddisfare le diverse esigenze degli ospiti d'affari.Allo stesso tempo, l'hotel è dotato di sala fitness, massaggio ai piedi, ristorante cinese, ristorante occidentale, bar, caffetteria, ecc., in modo da poter trascorrere un tempo felice qui e lasciare una memorabile e buona impressione.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • Alisa LI
    Room is small and old, in Zhangjiajie is 100 Yuan, the capital is expensive
  • cbai299
  • gufanyiye
    People across the University, more than 10 minutes on foot to reach, very good
  • David2
    Well, the surrounding restaurants are very convenient for transportation
  • Romen
    Friends feedback is good, location is good, close to the modern shopping mall, not too far from the subway. facilities are relatively old, but health is still good. the hotel security is good, there will be no unauthorized persons access.
  • ciandci
    Summer travel with a child, for the convenience of the hotel's facilities are a little too old.
  • byebye111
    Location: Hotel on in people University East opposite, Metro Line 4 line out go five minutes around, is convenient. hotel front has Mall, around has pretty more dinner of shop (has legend in the of carved Alex sirloin, also has Ding terra firma), also has supermarket, but supermarket feel 50% products are is imports of, so are not cheap, also see in Switzerland and Germany when buy had of yogurt ~~ facilities: feel somewhat era has, room facilities are relative compared old, special cannot endure of is toilet ofWall mounted hair dryer, is the most hate to see something I'm staying in a hotel, with it blowing hair, was in vain. Service: night upstairs Qian are has security view room card, security should OK~ reaction wind tube of problem, waiter on from apartments floor sent has a only air slightly big of independent hair dryer machine to, basic solution has blow hair of problem ~ colleagues put things fell in room, account Hotel put in front desk, I to took, results waiter directly sent to room to has ~ next travel also will considerLiving here.
  • sundy13
    Can also be recommended.
  • linjiejie999
    Location is good and convenient
  • cjlin8
    Rooms were clean, facilities for newer
  • raywp
    Nearby environment, convenient, room facilities, old, Network General, the door gap is too large, poor soundproof
  • benjourmin
    Very good, convenient
  • psxfglp
    Central location, opposite the East Gate of the Chinese national people's Congress is the alley, snack shop around a lot, about 300 meters from the hotel is the Metro Line 4, is very convenient to the yuanmingyuan Summer Palace, Peking University and Tsinghua University nest water cube, compared to the same grade hotel, very clean. Hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, required; Waiter was friendly.
  • COCO Love
    Hotel facilities, convenient transportation, excellent service, it is worth staying
  • veronicamars007
    Apartment next to standard room Yanshan hotel, very good location, travel, dinner is very convenient by staying the room seemed newly renovated facilities is quite new, the only downside is that sometimes the door card is not working, try a few more times, the overall satisfaction
  • albert9201
    Satisfied, but also choice, service was very good
    Large rooms, facilities for older
  • even88
    TV 10 years does not change, it really should be renovated, quiet, convenient, value for money was good.
  • sxguoyun
    National day of 7 nights, great, next time you select here
  • yesi2005
    Travel easy
  • goldmelon
    Comfortable and convenient
  • sydany
    Into apartments, rooms shabby, facilities are also very old, a family of three was suitable, cheap, the location is also more convenient.
  • tomsonb
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • cpj65732207
    Location across from the national people's Congress, and easy. Services, particularly health and inadequate four star, old facilities.
  • boytomato
    Hotel location is very good, the alley opposite the East Gate of the Chinese national people's Congress, snack shop around a lot, about 300 meters from the hotel is the Metro Line 4 to line to the yuanmingyuan Summer Palace, Peking University and Tsinghua University nest water cube which is very convenient. Hotel is divided into two parts, one called Yanshan hotel, decoration, indoor facilities are different from the main building of the hotel a grade, is dirty, brush comb towel all feeling very low, stepping towels are not even bathe, room furnitureToo old, the only benefit of three beds, family was good, but personally think that hotels do not need to save a little on details, that affect the overall image of the hotel. the hotel rooms of the main building, supporting or. recommends to live lives of the main building.
  • ms87say
    Hotel itself is four star of, but I set of is next door floor of family room, II star of, but very clean, two room a Office very clean, this floor live has many students, also are is has good, I with dad mom baby live of very comfortable. three Zhang 1.1 meters of small bed, which big room of two small bed can spell with, baby followed sleep is spacious. near 500 meters is Line 4 line people University Metro station, very convenient, next has contemporary Mall, eat and buy are is convenient, price alsoVery good. the Beijing family tours are perfect!
  • a7894848
  • couget
    In the near Zhongguancun, well, there is the hotel offers dining, dine well, suitable for business, travel or something stay eating environment and nice that this hotel is a great place, and is also very good
  • jcind
    Good location, but the older
  • curry-mm
    Overall good
  • e00002453
    Bathrooms a bit old, the transportation is convenient, but also good ~
  • ctrpyun
    All right
  • antontang
    Service was good, is old equipment
  • caddie14
    Is the family room are actually apartments remodeled, spacious but health should be improved, good location, very close to the Metro
    Very nice, quiet, comfortable, and daughters returned from abroad over the Jet-lag, good rest all night!
  • supergrandma
    Facilities, clean, good service, really tall hotel, absolutely recommended
  • careylxr
  • ajiu777
    Rooms are upscale, although it is an old hotel, but the decoration is still pretty new, bedding was clean, rest at night was quiet, convenient shopping around on the subway and some higher prices.
  • jolin0126
    Good management, but the decoration old. good location, room clean promptly. higher price. but Chinese restaurant could be improved. Incomplete facilities. as to the national people's Congress on business, will choose to stay.
  • swimming75
    Old four star, old facilities, service attitude is good, mainly very good location, close to East Gate of Renmin University and the contemporary shopping mall.
  • e00707974
    Hotel is an old hotel, facilities a bit old, but good surrounding environment, next to the modern shopping mall, hotel service is also good.
  • a4125075
    Because to back NPC handle graduated matters, so Yanshan should is best of select, first said location, is located in NPC East of road opposite, to NPC is convenient, Metro station people University A2 mouth down is Hotel, traffic convenient; door is contemporary Mall, adjacent we school Shi are like to of small woman Street, away from China Yu and double Ann also is near, away from Haidian huangzhuang also is near, location advantage obviously. Services Hotel service has always been good, welcoming attitude to UncleEspecially good is the guy is so slow some days Concierge patience, let me dry in a hurry, Concierge services and some lax. Facilities well, certainly not as good as the old hotel new hotel new, but overall not bad. Preferred to Beijing, because of the high cost, and convenience to people's University to deal with the matter.
  • lwin86
    Service very good
  • "Joanna~
    Overall, a good hotel.
  • alongs123
    Very good
  • caicom98
    Old hotel, but the location and
  • cinry_2008
    Which is very nice
  • merel
    Older hotels
  • janany
    Near Zhongguancun, and this very convenient, cost-effective high. but the hotel does a little old.
  • e00510673
    Which is very nice