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8 seconds to decide whether to reserve: the hotel should consider website conversion rate

Date: 2018-08-21

As tourism planning journey becomes more and more complex, hotel operators need to find more effective ways to participate in and keep their best potential guests.

Now the typical online travel consumers, 60 days in any one cycle revealed more than 38983 minutes before access - in the hotel reservation, on average they meet in eight sessions 18 website access by multiple devices.

Hotel not only compete with OTAs, trade and reality;They also each tiny moment with scattered tourism planning competition, such as E-mail, SMS, video and social media.For travel consumer attention, there are some serious competition, to make them more important during a visit to the hotel website is participation and transformation.

Hotelier in 2018 with a key task is to prevent these travel planners due to digital noise distracted, and providing them with content at the right time, in order to convert them to make a reservation.