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Shanghai Disneyland has announced an adjustment plan for ticket prices up to 769 yuan

Date: 2021-07-09

Shanghai Disney Resort today announced its ticketing adjustment plan, which will take effect on Jan 9, 2022. At that time, Shanghai Disney Resort will adjust its ticket prices under the current four-tier fare structure. The definitions of each tier and the corresponding ticket prices are as follows:

The ticket price for "regular days" has been revised from 399 yuan to 435 yuan, covering most weekdays and some weekends;

The ticket price for "special regular days" will be increased from 499 yuan to 545 yuan, covering some weekends and weekdays;

The "Peak Days" ticket price has been adjusted from RMB599 to RMB659, covering most summer days, some Chinese statutory holidays and holidays, international festivals, special events and other peak traffic days;

The ticket price for the "special peak days" has been revised from 699 yuan to 769 yuan, covering some Chinese public holidays and holidays, special activities at the park and some summer days.

Children (ages 3 to 11, including ages 3 and 11; Or taller than 1m to 1.4m), senior citizens (aged 65 and above) and tourists with disabilities (required to provide proof of disability) will continue to enjoy a discount of about 25%. Infants (under 3 years old or under 1 meter in height) are still admitted free of charge. Shanghai Disneyland will continue to offer a 90-day rolling pricing calendar to make it easier for visitors to plan their trips in advance based on their different needs.

Shanghai Disneyland said the annual pass will remain one of the most cost-effective ways for visitors to visit the theme park, and the current annual pass price will remain unchanged for a period of time after the change takes effect. Depending on the type of annual pass, Shanghai Disneyland annual pass holders can visit Shanghai Disneyland multiple times throughout the year, enjoy a number of exclusive park discounts, and have the opportunity to be invited to special events, parties and Disney Friends experiences.

Shanghai Disney Resort has added two new experiences to its 5th birthday celebrations -- a new night-light phantom show at Shanghai Disney Resort called "The Light of Wonderful Dreams" and a new live stage play called "Mickey's Wonderful Journey of Fairy Tale." Staged in front of the Magic Fairy Tale Castle in Shanghai Disneyland since April this year, "Light of Wonderful Dreams" uses cutting-edge technology and brand new content to immerse visitors in an entertainment experience, bringing an unforgettable trip to the park to a successful end with iconic Disney storytelling. The new live stage drama "Mickey's Wonderful Journey Fairy Tales" was officially staged on the 5th anniversary of the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort. Combining advanced stage technology and classic Disney story telling, it presents a feast of music production, live performances, animation effects and grand stage choreography for visitors.