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Beijing: Build 'Universal Studios' by 2025 × Grand Canal 'international consumption experience zone

Date: 2023-03-09

On March 8, according to the website of Tongzhou District Government, the Office of Tongzhou District People's Government of Beijing Municipality recently issued the Three-year Action Plan for the Development and Construction of Beijing Sub-center Cultural Tourism Zone (2023-2025), which emphasized that by 2025, the leading role of the Universal theme park will continue to strengthen, the first phase of the project will continue to improve, the second phase of the project will speed up, and the radiation capacity will continue to improve. The industrial chain and development ecology of the cultural tourism area have been improved. The commercial entertainment complex project on the Zhangjiawan depot and the first travel headquarters project have been completed, driving the continuous gathering of high-quality industrial elements and resources, and building a "skeleton framework" for industrial development. At least 30 high-quality enterprises will be introduced. Create "Universal Studios" × The "Grand Canal" international consumption experience zone has made every effort to promote the transformation of scenic spot consumption to global consumption, daytime consumption to full-time consumption, and traditional consumption to emerging consumption.