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Beijing will expand its market access allowing foreign literature brigade in Beijing set up a place of entertainment

Date: 2019-08-28

27, reporters learned from relevant departments, the Beijing culture and tourism bureau recently issued the "Beijing cultural tourism area open reform action plan for three years, from 2019 to 2021, Beijing will be licensing, and supporting policies, key projects, market supervision, etc, to promote travel services open still wider to the outside world in the field of development, stimulate investment and consumption of Beijing culture and tourism market.

In Beijing, expanding market access, further open licensing.Gather specific areas, such as expanding the cultural industry to allow foreign invested throughout the city entertainment places, show business unit, performance brokerage institution, do not set proportion of investment restrictions;Allowing foreign investment audio and video products production business;Allowing pilot set up a wholly foreign owned operation in Beijing travel agency business Chinese citizens outbound tourism business, etc.

In terms of policy support, will be in Beijing capital airport port, port to implement the national edition daxing international airport departure tax system works the customs check, realizing foreign passengers local tax rebates, tax refund with platform;Promotion of transit visa-free policy;Perfect the duty-free shops in the city tax policy, the promotion of tourism consumption.